Raindrop umbrella holder

When people hang their wet umbrellas onto this umbrella stand, they can immediately notice the rippling effects when raindrops hit the ground surface.

Optical illusions are created because of the cognitive differences between sizes, shapes, colors, darkness and light and even weights the eyes perceive and those that the brain interprets and over-compensates for. This umbrella stand uses this theory, by aligning the wires intricately with the images in the dripping tray, and when the people walk by, due to the change of angles and movement, the dripping tray would present a rippling effect. When putting their used umbrellas on this unique umbrella stand, the people will have the luxury of enjoying the beauty of the rain falling, without having to deal with the messy wetness that usually is inseparable!

Please click the link :https://youtu.be/bCv0BMvqUaU

Color: black
Materials: wire, steel, ceramic 
Dimension: 24 x 24.5 x 83cm